Vincent van Gogh is Die.

You kill the artist.

Let him die.

Painful and slowly.

Van Gogh is die again and again.

Just for you have a story to told on the table.

If you love in art.

Please do not let the artist die.

Van Goah is dies but Wittaya Buathin (the owner of this picture) is alive.

He is the artist (drawing and tattoo) who need 2500usd before 17 Mar 2019. All of you can safe him or let him die.

That’s your choice.

Donate by cryptocurrancy

BTC – 3LmJ29iuAJEP8miftBqsJ6s7yyimtpycSf

ETH – 0x173E732135a12cd35E155e9Fe48ed264e236B0B8

LTE – LTdJq5og1YS6mKGxVnKmRC4majWmx3ZJKP


or Paypal :

Wittaya’s port folio.

Wittaya’s tattoo.



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